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Middle East: Maki Igarashi and the Red Cross Middle East ... What's happening in Syria and Lebanon - Approaching the meaning of the Middle East situation - Message from the coordinator Religious sect ethnic mosaic, civil war, occupation, political repression, among which borrowed the threat, the United Nations in the name of [terrorism] Government interference, confrontation with the United States .... These are reported daily newspapers and television in Iraq, Palestine, Iran Rather than at present, it represents the now of Syria and Lebanon. Syria calls himself the beating Arab heart] is, the confrontation with the United States the opportunity the opposition expressed to the Iraq war Intensified, the Middle East [rogue states], has been criticized as' state sponsors of terrorism]. On the other hand, once Medium Lebanon, which has been referred to as the east of Switzerland] is, 00 years of Independent Intifada] by (cedar trees revolution) To outgrow Syria of effective control over a dozen years, it drew the world's attention as [democratization of the model].

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